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Lost In Tha Sauce #16 (Inflection Mix)

(MIxed By S.O.U.L.-O.S.O.U.L.-O.)

Lost In Tha Sauce #16 (Inflection Mix)
Funny how every new mix seems to create its own personality for itself. I found that most of the tunes that I dropped in this one, have their own unique take on conveying the same word....

Saul Williams-Patience
Spacek-Eve (Jay Dee Remix Ft Frank & Dank)
Teresa Jenee-The Storm
Transit7-Cash Crop
B. Lewis-See-Saw Kids
Let Go
Chad Bishop-Made Of Sand
The Broken Orchestra-Over & Over Ft. Natalie Gardiner
Kendrick Lamar-Opposites Attract(Tomorrow w/o Her) Ft Javonte
Diabolic-O. M.C.-She Loves Me Not
Notorious Big-Me & My Bitch
Xperiment-Rhythmic Philosophy
yU-The Ohm
Brenk Sinatra-Perdido
Dwele-Hold On
Electric Wire Hustle-Water

*Mixed/Remixed/Reworked/Produced By S.O.U.L.-O. Of West Coast Unknown Productions*

Lost In Tha Sauce Album Cover_resized