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S.O.U.L.-O.: Music

Next To You Cover

(Moni Mendoza Ft. S.O.U.L.-O.)
March 12, 2014
Written/Arranged By S.O.U.L.-O. Of West Coast Unknown Productions

ˈsenSHo͞oəl/Submit adjective 1.of or arousing gratification of the senses and physical, esp. sexual, pleasure. "the production of the ballet is sensual and passionate" synonyms: physical, carnal, bodily, fleshly, animal; etc...


This track is all that & more....

Monica Mendoza on vocals 
S.O.U.L.-O.- on vocals & keys 
Vincent Martinez on drums 
Colin Devane on Electronic trumpet
Chris Sumner on bass
*Produced/Arranged/Mixed/Mastered By S.O.U.L.-O. of West Coast Unknown Productions*

Can't hold the sunshine.
Can't stop the rain.
Tried to use a cloud to keep you out of my brain.
If I could move a mountain I'd push one in your way.
Shoot you into outerspace but I know you'd find a way......
Right back to me.

Kill the lights set the mood.
Out of incents but its cool.
Aroma of the Kush & sent of you that will do.
My gaze your trying hard to elude.
Thinking how a kiss would be a perfect interlude.
Passion starts to rise your body starts to bloom.
Howling at the moon.
You got them claws out.
Guess we both feeling carnal.
Cardinal sin committed.
But we can repent tomorrow.
But more than likely well pick right up where we left off.
But instead you'll be on top anticipating blasting off.
In T-minus.
Naw, I ain't ready to take off.
Climax on standby.
Enjoying every moment. 
Our rhythms are aligned.
Bodies intertwined.
Your like a perfect imperfection so I intend to take my time. 
It's like a time lapse camera replaying in mind. 
Back to reality out my day dream watching you thinking.
How nice it would be...
If I could make you mine...