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S.O.U.L.-O.: Music

Migraines Uv Melodies Instrumental Mix #11

(Mixed By S.O.U.L.-O.)

S.O.U.L.-O. Presents Migraines Uv Melodies Instrumental Mix #11
I went all the way in on this mix. Dropped a few reworks deconstructing then reconstructing monsters out of your favorite instrumentals. Check how I flipped them & enjoy the mix!!!

Elos-DunDeal (Instrumental)
Hi-Tek-Where It Started At (Instrumental)
S.O.U.L.-O.-05-27-05 (Instrumental)
Rich Boy-Throw Some D's (Instrumental)
Lupe Fiasco-Daydreamin (Instrumental)
S.O.U.L.-O.-Daydreamin (Instrumental Rework)
Natureboy-I Could've Told You (Instrumental)
Angie Stone-Baby (Instrumental)
S.O.U.L.-O.-05-31-06 (Instrumental)
Dr. Dre-Murderer (Instrumental)
Timbuktu-Karmakontot (Instrumental)
S.O.U.L.-O.-Put You Up On Game (Instrumental Rework)
Raekwon-Do It Big (Instrumental)
Jay Dee-Vibeout (Instrumental)
S.O.U.L.-O.-04-21-11 (Instrumental)

Mixed/Remixed/Reworked/Arranged/Produced By S.O.U.L.-O. Of West Coast Unknown Production