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S.O.U.L.-O.: Music

Broken Needlez #10(Dubstep Mix)

(Mixed By S.O.U.L.-O.)

S.O.U.L.-O. Presents...Broken Needlez #10(Dubstep Mix)
Hello, My name is S.O.U.L.-O. & well I'm addicted to Dubstep. It started with an occasional tune here & there. Then I started to find myself doing complete dj sets in the 140 bpm range. I tried to fight it! I even tried to go 3 tunes to 1 with other genres of music but that didn't help & only lead to me remixing every song I heard into a Dubstep tune. Yes world I am a wobble bass-head. Broken Needlez #10(Dubstep Mix)!!! 1st hits on me, go ahead don't be scuurrred!!! Every bodies doin it!!!
P.S. Would like to give a big thank you to Sophia Fields & Sonic Dread for inspiring some amazing tunes. We hit the bulls-eye wit those songs.

Ticlah ft Tamar-I Want Not
S.O.U.L.-O. Vs Michael Jackson-Cant Help It(Thin Moon Rework)
Ruckspin-Get Naked
Dhyan Moller-Lost In 3s(DJ G Remix)
S.O.U.L.-O.-Lost In Your Luv(Instrumental)
Soul Sinners-Dis World
Sarantis-Warzone ft Bunnington Judaha
S.O.U.L.-O. Vs. Sophia Fields-Voodoo
Erykah Badu & Ziggy Marley-I Luv U(Dubstep Mix)
Sarantis-Fall In Love ft Honey Brown
S.O.U.L.-O. Vs. Sonic Dread-Guiness Steppa(S.O.U.L.-O. Remix)

 Mixed/Remixed/Reworked/Arranged/Produced By S.O.U.L.-O. Of West Coast Unknown Productions