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S.O.U.L.-O.: Music

Migraines Uv Melodies Instrumental Mix #6

(Mixed By S.O.U.L.-O.)

Migraines Uv Melodies Instrumental Mix #6

I got a homie that freestyled over this entire mix. Can you do the same? Probably not (he's got more skills than your favorite emcee) but at the very least you can beat up the block & try. Nuthin but heaters in this mix. Bump loud!!!

DJ Erok8-Wild Love(Instrumental)
M.C. Breed-Ain't No Future In Your Fronting(Instrumental)
S.O.U.L.-O.-05-22-05 (Instrumental)
Digital Underground-Oregano Flow(Instrumental)
Ode To The Streets(Instrumental)
The Anonymous-I Spy(Instrumental)
Rumble In The Jungle(Instrumental)
S.O.U.L.-O.-11-25-06 Instrumental
Bobbi Blaqu-Beautiful Thang(Instrumental)
JKwon-Hood Hop(Instrumental)
S.O.U.L.-O.-Tell Me How You Feel(Instrumental)
Curtis Mayfield-Give Me Your Love
Bobbi Blaqu-If I Only Knew(Instrumental)
S.O.U.L.-O.-Held Back(Instrumental)