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S.O.U.L.-O.: Music

Broken Needlez #3(Drum & Bass Mix)

(Mixed By S.O.U.L.-O.)

This mix is like that roller-coaster that slowly takes you to the top causing your heart to skip a beat. Has you there for a second. Then you drop! Real fast hitting 3 loops in a row & a quick turn. Yeah, same experience without the puking.

Kyoto Jazz Massive-Eclipse
Bugz In The Attic-Waiting (Remix)
Azymuth-Jazz Carnival
Janet Jackson-Rock With You
Esthero-A Better Life
Spor-Way Of The Samurai
Psidream and Pacific-In Effect
Ed Rush-Mothership
Dieselboy-The Code
Usual Suspects-Tension (Remix)
Skynet & Staka-Violent Extremes
Clipz-Kung Fu
John B-Faith In Me
London Elektricity-The Strangest Secrect In The World
A Universal Project-Streetlife


Mixed/Remixed/Reworked/Arranged/Produced By S.O.U.L.-O. of West Coast Unknown Productions

Broken Needlez #3 (Drum & Bass Mix) by S.O.U.L.-O. on Mixcloud