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S.O.U.L.- O. (born Odwaun Dandridge) is a widely admired multi-genre music producer, turntablist, and MC from Long Beach, CA., whose musical career spans 20+ years. Most commonly known as DJ S.O.U.L.- O., Odwaun “S.O.U.L.- O.” Dandridge does more than play records. An absorber of sound and inspired by all music styles, S.O.U.L.- O specializes in the art of making music and is recurrently sought-after for eye-catching turntablism, original music production, reworks, remixes, and live DJing.


The beginning

Born in San Jose, CA, S.O.U.L.- O. was introduced to the DJ element of Hip-Hop in 1991. At just 12 years old, he began acing a string of quizzes testing his “break” knowledge playfully given by his college DJ older brother. As a result, S.O.U.L.- O. remained in record stores from opening to closing, sifting through the rarest of grooves, searching for the perfect beat to stump his challenger. An obsessive “crate-digging” hobby immediately ensued. While honing rap skills simultaneously, he also became locally known as a lyrically creative MC. Pairing his rising DJ skills with original mixes quickly propelled his acclaimed “nice on the mic” status to “exceptionally talented on the turntables”. Soon after, the self-taught “DJ S.O.U.L.- O.” became a neighborhood favorite, fulfilling countless mixtape and DJ requests.

music today

The present day S.O.U.L.- O. still fulfills those requests, constantly releasing mixtapes like“Block Star Hip-Hop Mixes”, “Broken Needlez Drum & Bass Mixes”“Lost In Tha Sauce Rare Groove Mixes”, and the most recent, “My Soul Apotheosis”, the 10th installment in his original instrumental series “Migraines Uv Melodies”.  Spread across musical genres, his mixtapes include reworks of: Common, Saul Williams, Jill Scott, Tupac, Snoop Dogg, Kanye West, Outkast, Dwele, Raphael Saadiq and more.  With West Coast Unknown Productions as his launch pad and Long Beach Most Wanted Studio as his base, S.O.U.L.- O. boasts a copious list of emerging and popular artists he’s worked with as producer, engineer, and MC.  


I often like to challenge myself. But more times than not appreciate the challenge presented to me by others. The homie Dj Stone hit me up to drop a Drum & Bass/Jungle mix for his radio show. But I honestly haven't been up in the scene as much as I probably should & really didn't have any current trending tunes. Just the classics & a lot of my own personal selections that I've incorporated in previous mixes over the years. That's when the lightbulb went off. Why don't I rework & produce my own Drum & Bass/Jungle tunes for this mix. So I started with a break, seasoned it with a sample, added elements of turntablism & various other production technics. Two weeks later I felt the canvas's had enough paint & now I'm ready to share my masterpiece with the world. I titled the album "Broken Needlez #22 Outerlimits Mix" to reflect my continued growth in sound of one of my favorite mix series & as an ode to my very first attempt at making Drum & Bass; "Outerlimits". Which is featured on "Migraines Uv Melodies #1" released on Cd close to fifteen years ago. Sheesh, how time flies . . . This album is dedicated to those who's ears are tuned & who's minds are in tune with something just a little different. I welcome you to take this journey with me to the outer limits. S.O.U.L.-O. 

The debut instrumental album from Sonic-Soul. 1st Time back is a roots, dub joyride to the other side of fresh!!!! Strap in & enjoy dem ill riddims!!!!


Its finally here!!! Block Star Hip-Hop Mix #10 Hosted By Diabolic-O. M.C. (Aka That N***A Up The Block). Block Star Hip-Hop Mix #10 is just a small collection of heaters that we've banged out over here @ Long Beach Most Wanted Studio these past few years. Thank you to all the artist that ever came thru to get down  wit cha boy.

Brand New Release!!!!! Download your copy of the highly anticipated Migraines Uv Melodies Instrumental Mix #10


The tenth installment in the on going Migraines Uv Melodies Instrumental Mix series. S.O.U.L.-O. treated fans in the previous Migraines Uv Melodies to the rawest of instrumentals from an assortment of talented producers living all over the world. Now he's giving his fans a dose of all original instrumentals that will have all listeners in a fifty foot radius nodding so hard they'll need a neck-brace.